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OpenRM Programming Guide

The RM/OpenRM Programming Guide is a 21-Chapter, 578-page tome of technical information that will prove invaluable to developers.You may purchase a copy of the manual by visiting the purchase and download page.(Last update 11 Sep 2020)

OpenRM Online Man Pages

The OpenRM Online Man pages can be perused online, or you can create the same distribution directly from the OpenRM source tarball. The man pages on the OpenRM web site are for version 1.6.0-2, the most recent production release. (Last update 11 Sep 2020)

OpenRM Release Notes and Readme

View the OpenRM 1.6.0 release notes and README that accompany the OpenRM Scene Graph distribution.(Last update 11 Sep 2020)

OpenRM Build and Install Instructions

Complete build and install instructions are contained within the source tarball(s). Online, we have instructions for builds and installs of the OpenRM libraries and demonstration programs on Unix systems and Win32 systems. (Last update 7 Aug 2020)

OpenRM Demonstration Programs This page has a lot of information about the demonstration programs, including feature summaries, command-line interfaces, and so forth. (Last update 7 August 2020)
OpenRM+Chromium Demonstration Programs This general information describes theory of operation, software required, and so forth. In addition, you can read specific information about the OpenRM+Chromium demo programs.(Last update 7 Aug 2020)

Here's a General FAQ. (Last update 7 Aug 2020)

OpenRM News

This page will be updated with current events and activities. (Last update 11 August 2020)

OpenGL Information

Visit the website for loads of information about OpenGL, including links to vendor drivers, documentation and educational material, and related projects. at

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